Saturday, October 09, 2010


A soldier, a lost sinner, bleeds out his life in the deserts of western Iraq. His last moments were spent in indescribable pain and fear, and his soul enters a lost eternity. His body lies far away from home and with an appearance quite different than the portrait on his mother’s dresser. From his first steps to his little league experience; from his trusty bicycle to his parents car; from high school football to prom night; it is all gone and forgotten by everyone but a small group of relatives who will one day smile again, watch television, and eat ice cream. This desert has opened up an eternal portal and he has slipped out of his wounded body and into forever, escorted by fear and pain.

And somewhere in air conditioned comfort and the safety of locked doors, sitting in padded chairs, followers of Jesus Christ justify violence and war with the emotionless detachment that resembles a discussion of which Stooge was better, Curly or Shemp. If we can justify and approve of war as followers of Jesus, then we can justify pretty much anything we so desire.


Victoria said...

I feel the terrible fear of the Lord and intense grief while reading this. This is reality! Our armchair righteousness condemns us. Please open our eyes, Lord, by your Holy Spirit, to see things as they really are, to see with Your eyes.

MIchael said...

This is so very well said and a message that needs to be heard loud and clear! Thanks!

Steve said...

Amen, and Amen !

In Jesus, Steve