Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mother Theresa and Rick Warren

Mother Theresa was a sacrificial servant who spent her life helping the Indian people, and specifically lepers. I find her service remarkable. However there has always been a problem in assessing her life and work. Now I believe there are saved Roman Catholics (God knows those that are His), even though I believe the doctrine that the church teaches is heretical and presents a works theology inside a quagmire of odd practices and ceremonies that are a shadow of the law. Purgatory, papal infallibility, Mary veneration, and the absolution of sins through men are just a few of the troubling teachings. Mother Theresa was a nun in the Roman Catholic Church, and she espoused those teachings.

But the most disturbing and revealing of all things concerning Mother Theresa and her work was that her organization did not attempt to convert the sinners they served and helped. That fact alone disqualifies her as a Christian servant. Without the gospel all humanitarian acts are nothing more than temporal band aids that help make the journey to eternal judgment more comfortable. It is an antichrist construct and indeed is at odds with all that Jesus accomplished upon the cross, and it elevates the works of man to redemption status and an end in themselves. It has been my experience that most times when some professing believer is not interested in the conversion of lost sinners it reveals that his own soul may be unregenerate.

I do not lead a torch lit mob against Mother Theresa, and I refuse to join in some of the harsh rhetoric sometimes employed by my evangelical brothers about her. But in truth, I cannot consider her a sister in Christ. This brings me to the point of this post. Time has released a book about Mother Theresa which extols her life and service, and Rick Warren has written the forward. Sadly, this again reflects the compromise that Rick Warren is increasingly known for in recent days. I love Rick Warren and I believe he has done many good things, however he has strayed off the course and is now spreading a shallow and compromised gospel along with a decidedly ecumenical approach to anything that uses the word “Christian”.

Watch and pray in these last days.


Anonymous said...

Amen Rick!

Watcher's Lamp said...

I agree, Rick.

Thank you for your post.