Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hatred is not Christ

Hate is not tempered by religion; Christian hatred is just as deadly as Islamic hatred. At this blog a post was made about the Thanksgiving proclamation of President Obama. I have already addressed the inconsistency in Ingrid’s accusing Ravi Zacharius for not using the name of Jesus and her excusing George Washington of the same oversight. Of course her unredemptive hatred for the sinner named Barak Obama continues to be fed by any news item that fits within her political crosshairs. But when you hate, and when you print and project hatred, you invite even more breathtaking examples of disrespect and hatred. This one comment that she approved was under the post to which I linked:

“At the White House outdoor "Thanksgiving" photo-op, Hussein Obama pardoned a 45lb Jaindl turkey to live forever more in Disneyland. The symbolism is eery. Why? Shades of the concentration camp commander in "Schindler's List" who practiced pardoning in a drunken state, but resumed shooting inmates from his balcony. Too harsh, you protest? Not really. Just imagine those jive turkeys as you and I. With an outstretched hand, Obama will give a thumbs up or thumbs down, Nazi style, to pardon you to live forever more in his secular Disneyland where there is no right or wrong except as he defines, or he will condemn you to a forgotten world of irrelevant indignant religiosity, and/or death at the hands of the executioner.”

Every time I believe I have read the most vile and despicable things from a professing believer, I am taken aback by something that is profoundly unchristian and hateful. I will assume the commenter is young and that time will change his heart, but I cannot turn a blind eye to the forum that trains young hearts to hate. Hatred is powerful and contagious. Brethren, even if you participate in the political arena, remember to be Jesus and not an unredemptive partisan voice.

The gospel dies where hatred begins...


Steve Lumbley said...

Don't these people realize that this 'turkey pardon' event has been going on since the Kennedy administration and is not some sinister sign that Obama is a nazi or the antichrist.

Today the religious right is guilty of the same excesses toward Obama that the religious left was guilty of toward president Bush, same rhetoric, same accusations, same hatred.

Right and left - two sides of the same coin, and that coin belongs to Caesar

Rick Frueh said...

"Right and left - two sides of the same coin, and that coin belongs to Caesar"

I will steal (use) your statement in the future, it's that good!

Anonymous said...

Ingrid and her sycophants get far more reactive cyberspace than they deserve. Granted, I am adding to it here. I say, however, let them stew in their cauldron of viper venom and everybody else stop stirring it up. Lest we all be overcome by the noxious fumes.

Rick Frueh said...

I agree to an extent, but many will read things like this post and become enlightened by the Spirit. There is Biblical correction, and sadly many unsuspecting believers who have issues with the modern church will matriculate to people like Ingrid.

They need to be warned.

(cauldron of viper venom!)

Anonymous said...

"(cauldron of viper venom!)"
Pretty mild compared to "whited sepulchres."

Steve said...

Rick - you are welcome to use my statement any time. No charge!

Cindy said...

"The gospel dies where hatred begins..."


As soon as hatred is spewed from someone else, whatever point the person is trying to make is lost (be it written, verbal, etc). All I see, all I hear, all I feel is venom and hatred. Nothing good can be borne of that.