Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Tree Twice Planted

in Palestine,
several millennia
ago, a tree dropped
a seed to the ground,
and that seed became
lodged in the soil and
began to grow. It was planted by God and became a tree. One day
that tree was cut down and hewn into planks. Those planks were
nailed together and men planted that tree, now reshaped, once
more on a small hill
outside Jerusalem.
This time that tree
was planted by men,
and the God who had
planted it first, now
claimed it bodily. Now
this tree was planted
the second time to kill
God, but without realizing
it, men had planted
their own redemption.
The tree had been planted twice so mankind could live once. The
seeds from that twice planted tree continue to fall in good soil and produce

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Adoption Mama said...

This is beautiful...I am so thankful for that tree, but even more for the Father who saw fit to save me.