Monday, September 28, 2009

A Theory of Everything

The larger parts of the universe are basically understood through Einstein’s theory of relativity. The atomic levels of matter are usually understood through quantum mechanics. But recently scientists, predominantly Stephen Hawkings, have attempted to understand the large and small of the universe through one system that connects both worlds. They call this a quest for a “theory of everything”.

Jesus said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega – the Beginning and the End”.

That statement outlines the only “theory” that connects all things created. Being an amateur astronomer myself, I was amazed beyond words when I gazed at the universe and its colossal grandeur. Before I came to Christ it was evident that creation had to have a Creator. But inside I was empty and without any purpose since there seemed to be a fissure in the foundation as it concerned the material universe. And then I noticed that animals did not question their purpose, or investigate the existence of a Divine Being. Only man looked into the heavens and ask “who and why”.

The Scriptures declare Jesus as the Creator. And He is also the Redeemer of men’s souls. When I was born again in 1975 and the Holy Spirit took up residence in my being I not only felt at peace, I realized that Jesus Himself was the theory of everything. It is He alone who brings all things together in understanding and purpose. Regardless of the science or the superior intellect of men anywhere, whether they are aware of it or not, they are searching for Jesus.

We as His followers must give them Jesus. We cannot afford all these new and philosophical constructs that deal thoroughly with almost everything but Jesus. We cannot toss around the name “God” in the abstract and believe we are serving Jesus and His gospel. Many of these new and intellectually sophisticated teachings in the church are nothing more than spiritual discussions that excite the intellect but leave the gospel untouched. But make no mistake, without a Christ centered message we have no message at all.

Please do not be detoured into going after men and their new and increasingly popular teachings that relegate Jesus to an aside. Do not fall prey to others who worship their theology but yet deny the humility and compassion that is Christ. Resist those who teach that sinners without Christ will eventually find grace through some other vehicle. Set your affections on things above, where your life is hidden in Christ with God. There are no other theories, and there is no other way to life but through Jesus. Listen carefully, denying your fleshly interests, and see if you are hearing Jesus lifted up.

And let us all not become satisfied with rejecting the new and emergent teachings, or the limited atonement teachings, or the health and wealth teachings, or all the other teachings that consign men to the adventures and desires of this present world. Let us cultivate aggressively and with humble brokenness our relationship with the Christ. We cannot afford to spend inordinate amounts of time watching and rehearsing the errors of others, we must tend to our own spiritual garden. The Spirit is drawing our hearts to deeper waters, and just being orthodox can be hollow and void.

Jesus the Christ is our everything.
And in the midst of an ever increasing technological world, He remains the answer to life.
We are His children, we are His followers, we are His worshipers, and we are His witnesses.

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