Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Day

There have been many miraculous and glorious events throughout creation’s history. The day God created all the universe; the day when the Creator reached down and made Adam after His own likeness; the day when God made Eve from Adam; the day when their first child was born; the day of the flood and the day when eight souls stepped out from the ark; the day the earth stood still; the day God called Abram from Ur; the day God’s people crossed the Red Sea; the day Moses received the law; the day God filled Solomon’s Tabernacle; the day Jesus was born; the day Jesus was baptized; the day Jesus was transfigured; the day Jesus was scourged; the day Jesus was crucified; the day Jesus resurrected; the day Jesus ascended; and the day of Pentecost.

But there is no day, in fact not even the sum of all glorious days, that can provide the smallest competition for one coming day. For that day will encompass and swallow up every day before or after it. This day will rise like rushing smoke, holy and powerful, and burn every fiber of everyone who will witness this day. This day will consume the attention of the universe, and this day will stop the hearts and mouths of all who are granted its witness. Endless throngs will fall on this day as if dead, only to rise in the power of the Spirit to offer up the most sacred and resplendent worship on this day.

This day will shake the foundations of heaven and will reverberate throughout the corridors of eternity. This day will unveil grandeur beyond the imagination of any created being, and this day will step aside to uncover unspeakable majesty. No one will consider themselves worthy to exist on this day, and even the meaning of grace will blush in seeming inadequacy. This day has been predestined for the predestined, and this day will be a holy gift from the Father to His Son’s bride. All of history, like billions of rivers, will flow into one colossal ocean in this day. All the many and varied spiritual journies of all the sinners made righteous will on this day find complete unity. This day will usher the redeemed into a prepared eternity that has been heretofore unexpected, unthinkable, undeserved, and completely unimaginable.

What is this day?
Let us remove our shoes and speak with a holy whisper.
For ...

This is the day that the Risen Christ is Revealed in All His Glory.

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