Friday, December 20, 2013

The Continuing Desecration of the Faith

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How clever is the evil one? How the church has and continues to underestimate his wiles and cunning. He has consistently and effectively torn the faith to shreds and his ways are sophisticated and many pronged. Satan is not just bound to one method of deception. He realizes that there are those who will not fall for his good works gospel or his emergent church heresy or his prosperity message. He provides a liberal Biblical interpretation, or a all faiths lead to God theory, or a do good to get to heaven path and millions have followed such errors. But there are still many who stand against such falsehoods. So he must invent other more clever deceptions in order to derail the gospel effort.

I used the word desecration which means the pollution or the defilement of the faith. We live in an era where everything imaginable has been thrown at the true faith and the devil sits back a sees what will stick. And as I said, even those who consider themselves discerners and speak out against many heretical movements and false teachers have been tainted and are embracing spiritual compromise. You see, faith is the victory which overcomes the world. But when we lost the true faith we will be overrun and defeated by the world even when we think we are winning. The devil plays many gambits in order to fortify his position and lead the church astray.

And so it is today. The television show called Duck Dynasty has made several of its “stars” millionaires many times over. It is little more than a voyeuristic adventure and has no real redeeming qualities. The people claim to be believers and yet they have hundreds of guns, many motorized toys, live in upper class homes, and they belong to a church that believes that water baptism saves a soul. But it is the number one reality show on television.

But recently the patriarch did an interview where he used some graphic language and said some things about gay people and their sin. Of course he quoted the usual Scriptures to suggest that unless a gay person stops his gay sins he will go to hell. And he said that female genitals should be more alluring than a man’s anus. Such a sophisticated observation. And the show Duck Dynasty, which is about a family that became millionaires making duck calls of all things, is shown an the A&E channel which I am sure has gay employees. I mean come on, Arts and Entertainment channel? And because of his remarks A&E suspended the patriarch from the show.

Uproar! It is so very interesting just what elicits passion and emotion in people these days. I mean every conservative worth his moral salt came out in outrage. Conservative politicians pounced on the opportunity to parade their moral outrage as well as the usual talk show commentators. Glenn Beck offered the Duck people a place on his own network. One wonders if that same offer would have been forthcoming if Duck Dynasty was losing money.

But here we go again. This is what the world desires to talk about. Forget about speaking about Jesus and His gospel. The gay thing and other topics are what is alluring to the world. There are times when believers should be wise a serpents and harmless as doves. And this should be true especially when the world is attempting to manipulate us for their own agendas. When we are asked about certain beliefs by an unbelieving world we do not necessarily have to answer their question directly. Let us be wise enough to present Jesus and His gospel rather than parade our orthodoxy concerning sin before those who cannot understand spiritual things. For instance:
Question: Are gay people living in sin?

Answer: I believe everyone sins every day.

Question: Do gay people go to hell?

Answer: I believe the only path to heaven is through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Did you see what I did? I avoided the trap that was being laid out for me. Read about how Jesus answered trap questions with questions from Himself. Jesus said the children of this world are wiser than the children of light. In this morally charged and self righteous climate men rush to find the high moral ground and plant a flag which proclaims “I believe the Bible!” But when unbelievers can support believers and even join hands with them concerning the current brand of Christianity, then we have lost the faith.

Fighting moral wars is not the gospel. But when you fight moral wars in support of millionaires it is bizarre. Don’t worry all you Duck Dynasty fans, even if they kick the program off the air Glenn Beck says he will put them on his network. And if that does not happen you can always buy the CD package of all the previous shows. I wonder out loud. The program runs for 30 minutes. How many believers pray for 30 minutes a day? We seem to be proficient in pointing out the sin of others, but quite merciful about our own sins.

The magnificent and horrifying and eternal sufferings of the Lamb of God have been reduced to the Duck Dynasty.
God help us…


Anonymous said...

Everything written here just bears witness to what I've been thinking these past few days about the whole deal.


When a reality TV shows stops christians in their tracks and gets them to jump to it's defense, we have to be in the last days.



Anonymous said...

I've made a commitment not to watch much TV anymore. News possibly, and a few documentaries and I just am not able to digest what is going on, where the Name of the Lord is being constantly brought up in media, by so-called christians, for hype effect. It is grievous.

I think the christians who profess they love the Lord mock the Lord, not consciously, but do mock His Holy Name, by bringing His Holy Name into a quagmire of arguments on National TV.

TV hosts, media and reality TV stars, all get promoted and ratings and celebrity attention by pretending their motives are innocent and justified.

The motives are plain to see where everyone is cashing in, being heard and with big egos jump in the good or bad camp. And most of these people who make public statements are being highly paid and are multi-millionnaires. If they were unemployed and strugging, would they be chiming in?

The worst part of this debate is that it hurts and grieves the Holy Spirit and turns the Son of God into a tool to wield and manipulate for one's own gain. I just feel like getting down on my knees now and asking the Lord to forgive us. Even if most don't involve themselves in this, we all live among the spiritual battle that's going more words that I can say. I'm flabbergasted, but still holding on to Him.


Steve said...

"When a reality TV shows stops christians in their tracks and gets them to jump to it's defense, we have to be in the last days."

Well put, J.

Blessings, in Jesus, Steve

Lafe Tolliver said...

People of God: This recent flareup caused by the remarks of this TV personality will only make this reality program even stronger with certain advertisers and their particular slice of the viewing public. A&E will probably not drop this program because it is a cash cow for them and as we know, money speaks in media land.
If the other cast members protest that their Dad is being treated unfairly and they will walk until he is restored, that will make for a continuing soap opera which will only hype their poll numbers.
What is they said the same thing about gluttony or lying or adultery or murderers...would there be the same reaction? I doublt it since the talk about gays and same sex unions is THE
SOUP DE JOUR and everyone has an opinion.
There was no way that someone could have reached this Phil Robertson and told him how to avoid the verbal traps of the media who wanted to use him to gain an edge in their ratings (for GQ magazine). Too bad that Phil Robertson could not have taken some pointers when Jesus was being interviewed by Pilate or when Paul was before King Festus.
If so, he would have presented the gospel and not Phil but the lure to speak "your mind" and not the mind of Christ is such a huge trap that many fall for it.
For a Christian family, in the collective, they did not display too much discernment so as to be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove when dealing with the prince of air (Satan).
Phil Robertson got "played" by the Devil and now, again, Christianity is seemed as being populated by
dumber than bricks hillbillies who are fixated on gays rather than
the cross of Christ.
Surprised? No..not me. These things are only a prelude to worse things to come since these last days will only get tougher for those who will not buckle down and read the Word of God and pray for wisdom and discernment.

A Biblical Woman said...

Why all the hub bub? We are watching false Christianity fall flat on it's face. Any Spiritually led person can see the hipocrisy. Jesus told us this would happen. "many will come in my Name". We must pray for them because like all sinners, yes gay and Israeli people too, will perish if they do not repent and believe on the only Son of the Most High God.

Come on, give them some slack, they are only doing what the visible church at large does.

Get ready to be assimilated into the American Christian culture. I'm told if we resist there will be trouble.

your sister in Christ Jesus
Cherie c.