Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Racism - Alive and Well
If the young boy was white, and if the man who was the pursuer was black, would there be an arrest? The white neighborhood watch dog was white, and the young boy was black, and now the young black boy is dead. I live in Florida. Welcome to the racist atmosphere that lives in this and in other state atmospheres.

I heard today two phone callers demand for more white Buccaneer football players. You think that racism is a limited phenomenon? Just see what happens when your white pastor’s daughter desires to marry a black man. Loose the hounds !

Oh well. Let’s get back to dissecting the doctrine of the Trinity. That, my friends, will impact the world. Until then, let us rid the world of these Skittle carrying hoodlums. After all, the young man was probably not even elect.

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Radiance said...

I am so incredibly outraged by this. :(