Saturday, March 31, 2012

But in the End, We Grieve
Those of us who by God’s grace have come to see and identify the heresy and the apostasy in the western church continue to speak out. Sometimes we name names, and sometimes we speak about truth. We often mention spiritual practices that compromise, and we often mention issues of power, violence, and money. There is an abundance of material with which to deal, and hopefully our words are taken as warnings. We will continue to speak, warn, and plead.

But in the end, we grieve. We grieve over deceived brethren that are walking a path of compromise. We grieve over the abject hedonism and greed that so often is exhibited by professing believers. We grieve over the massive divorce rate among believers and even preachers. We grieve over the state of our young people who were born into a diluted brand of Christianity.

We grieve over how the Word of God has been maligned and treated with so much disrespect. We grieve over the complacency about the lost in favor of how we can advance our own personal agendas. We grieve over millionaire preachers whose example has led many astray. We grieve over how the exclusivity of Christ has been challenged and eroded in our churches. We grieve over how much money it takes to run even the smallest local church.

We grieve because we have become prisoners of the culture and not prisoners of Christ. We grieve because violence and war is now embraced as part of God’s kingdom. We grieve when the plight of foreign missionaries is given so little attention and concern. We grieve when we see entertainment become the focal point of a worship service. We grieve because some of our friends distance themselves from us because we cannot remain silent.

We grieve when the communion service is streamlined to fit into a schedule. We grieve when sinners are told they are born again simply because they repeated a prayer. We grieve because the cross is no longer the center of Christ’s ministry. We grieve when adultery is rampant among professing believers. We grieve when the church castigates sinners rather than love and pray for them. We grieve when preachers spend more time golfing than they do praying.

Oh yes, we attempt to expose errors in doctrine and practice. And we speak out against the deepening compromises in the western church. We confront them with Scriptural truth. We contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. We do all that and more.

But in the end, we grieve.


Unknown said...

Yes we do.

Anonymous said...

Shannon said...

Thank you for posting the sermon of The Characteristics of Apostates Among the Church.

This is helpful in understanding that most false teachings are based on the false presentation of what the Bible teaches about "faith", a "human" faith vs. a "spiritual" faith only produced and given by the Holy Spirit. Galatians 5 shows us "faith" is a "Fruit" of the Holy Spirit.
An "unsaved" believer is one who is a professing christian, but does not have His Spirit. James tells us "even the demons believe".
A genuine believer is taken by God on a "wilderness" journey to teach us that "man not live by bread alone, but by the Word of God" Luke 4:4.
People have come in and perverted the Gospel of Grace.
A tragic teaching is that we have to "fight" Satan to get what we already have...
He's already been defeated at the Cross! The victory was won at the Cross!

They are blasphemers, not believing what God's Word says.
They understand "naturally", as irrational creatures. No natural reasoning process of the spiritual things of God.
God's Spirit is a gift from Him so we can understand the things of God.
They went the way of Cain, bringing the fruit of their own labors.
They went the way of Balaam.
The rebellion of Korah. Rebelled against the authority of Moses.
"Sunken rocks", unseen.
Pastoring themselves without fear.
Sound good, but no substance in their doctrine.
Trees past fruit bearing stage, dug up by the roots.
Wild waves, foaming out shame.
Wandering stars, no part in the alignment within the Body of Christ, independent.
The wheat and the tares are together in the Church. There are "saved" believers and "unsaved" believers, those without His Spirit have not been born of His Spirit.
Many claim they have "accepted" Christ.
Many "believe" Jesus died for them. This does not make one a Christian.
The saving experience is when we are born of the Spirit of God.

These apostate people are in the Church today amongst the Body of Christ. They are not saved. They talk like Christians, but they have never received Christ and been born of His Spirit. They have their own agenda. They are like Judas, believing what Christians believe. They have their own doctrinal beliefs that don't line up with Scripture and the teachings of the early church.
They don't stay away, but join with believers so they can "straighten" everybody out.
We are further into the "last days" than any generation. It will be tough to agonize over the "faith" because the "faith" is being attacked and twisted and perverted in a way the Bible does not teach. The Diety of Christ is being attacked. There are many versions of Jesus's being taught out there today. Only One is the True Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

All Glory to Our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

More about the faith

Shannon said...

After listening to the sermon of Hebrews 11, I am grateful to note the "faith" spoken of was the Spirit of God at work in them. It was'nt a "human" faith at work.
We, who are born of His Spirit, have all of His faith indwelling us. Wherever He has placed us in this world, He is doing His work through us.

Thank you, Anonymous!

kelli said...

The link to this particular study of Hebrews study will be available soon

Steve said...

Brother, you exactly speak my heart: but more importantly, GOD's heart.

The deepest and most pervasive response to the Church' apostasy IS sorrow !!

In Jesus, Steve