Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Everyone Who believes in Hell:
A Question:

Is it ever God’s will that a sinner be killed by a saint in a war or otherwise and send a lost sinner to hell for eternity defending a country?

(Calvinists do not count since they have an insulated theology that protects them from such questions.)


StephenT said...

I believe in hell. For me, to answer a question like "is it ever the case", I'd like to put forth a case.

Case: David kills Goliath

I then ask myself a question: In the killing, was God's will thwarted, diverted, altered, forestalled, in need of correction, in any way?

I think not.

Rick Frueh said...

I reject the prelise "thwarted". A four year old little girl is brutally raped and murdered. Has God's "will" been done?

The mystery of iniquity sometimes runs its course, but in the end God's overall will will be accomplished, but not everything done along the way was of His choosing or pleased Him.

Chris L said...


Part of the issue at hand is "is everything that happens 'God's will'"? I would say not, since it would make God rather cruel and capricious from the beginning, if it was God's will that Adam should sin...

Because of Adam's sin, the forces of chaos still have great influence in the world, but within there, I would say (using the narrative of Scripture as a guide) that He carves out certain events and actions as within "His will" - like a solid rock in the middle of a stream - which cannot be avoided, and which have import to Him.

To your OP, perhaps the better question is "is it God's desire"? In which cast the answer is "it is never God's desire that a human should die without accepting Him". But even so, there are times when it cannot be avoided at the end of a life. Instead of focusing all of the animus on that point in time, as if it were the only point at which the dying could choose to answer God's call, one might ask why he/she had gone their entire lives without making such a choice...

Hrt4Yah said...

In 1 Timothy 2:4 it says He "will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

If you change the "all" to "no," how many men would you expect to be saved?

All, some or none?

In these last days, Yahweh is leading a great number of His people to examine the "traditions of men" that have been accepted in place of His Word. It is time to withdraw from Babylon and prayerfully seach His Word with the leading of His Holy Spirit. He has promised to lead us into all Truth.

Be blessed and be holy.