Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Politics Again

Politics is a dirty business. It treats people as positions, it demeans perspectives, it inflates personal achievements, it lies and manipulates, and it wastes obscene amounts of money. When a man on your political side falls into immorality, it is a cause for serious concern and prayer. When one commits adultery on the other political side, it is a cause to attack and investigate thoroughly and attempt to hide your glee. I could go on in great detail concerning the absolute self serving and self righteous festival we call politics, but I would like to concentrate on one major aspect of its affect on the witness for Christ.
One recent and well publicized event brings this issue into sharp relief. Brit Hume was the senior political analyst for Fox News and he has recently announced his retirement from Fox to pursue, among other things, a more active participation in the Christian faith. By his own testimony he has drawn closer to Christ because of the suicide of his son who was also a journalist. Now he was leaving an active role at Fox to seek more religious study and ministry. A noble cause to be sure.
However Hume had been a prominent part of a news organization that employed men who although professed Christ on some level, but made a very prosperous living by attacking and demeaning people who they considered “liberals”, with their most eloquent and effervescent evisceration reserved for President Obama. It could rightfully be said it was the reverse of what MSNBC used to do with “conservatives” and President Bush. As I have observed, politics instinctively divides and constructs carnal battle lines, but as repulsive and uncivilized as that may be in the secular marketplace, it is extraordinarily hideous when it comes from men who profess Christ.
And so Mr. Hume announces his intention to draw closer to Christ and His ministry but with a significant amount of baggage that must be seen and rejected. But politics is a demonic strongman that doesn’t let go easily, and in today’s world many attempt to straddle Christianity with the political side of the straddle usually getting nine of the ten toes. It is very sad and I believe Mr. Hume to be sincere.
But during a conversation about the sins of Tiger Woods, who happens to profess Buddhism, his mother’s religion, Hume suggested Tiger turn to Christianity since his Buddhism.

“"The extent to which he can recover seems to me depends on his faith," Hume said. "He is said to be a Buddhist. I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. My message to Tiger would be, 'Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world."
I will not address the “life aid” aspect of Hume’s message just yet, but as you can see it is a tepid and a misrepresentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But I would like you to consider this: A Christian man lives with six sexually active Playboy bunnies. He fellowships with them and approves of their occupation. That man then points Tiger Woods to Christ because of the seriousness of his sins and his deteriorating life, but he never points his housemates to that same Christ.
That is how I see Mr. Hume’s spiritual overtures to Tiger; they lack any teeth since he approved and supported men who made a living castigating and tearing down other men. By God’s standards their sin was and is every bit as heinous and serious as is Tiger’s. A secular reporter made this observation. There are many Christian politicians and even preachers whose lives revealed secret sexual sins. Would a Buddhist have the same platform to say Governor Sanford of South Carolina should try Buddhism since his Christianity did not seem to be working for him?
Believing on Jesus Christ is not so you can benefit in this life. In fact, many people overseas place their very lives in jeopardy when they profess Jesus Christ. The point is that politics is antithetical to all that belongs to and defines the Person and work of Jesus Christ. In the coming days, should Jesus tarry, that will become more and more evident. However if you have ears to hear you will have no problem in concluding the worthlessness and unredemptive nature of politics based on the available evidence this very day.

I do pray God will use Mr. Hume in the future.

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