Sunday, August 16, 2009


A man named Vick allows and participates in the cruel “sport” of dog fighting. He is caught and serves two years in prison and loses millions of dollars and years of his football career. During his incarceration he seems repentant and even partners with the humane society to help spread the word about the viciousness of dog fighting. He is being mentored by Tony Dungy, an outspoken follower of Jesus Christ.

But even after all this, many are still unwilling to offer him redemption. I am a dog owner, and I treat my dog with a love and affection that are borderline embarrassing. I hug and kiss my dog, and I speak baby talk to him, a 120 pound German Shepherd. I realize it is overboard but I do not care. I love my dog, Rudy. Should my love for my dog override my heart for redemption?

Remember, Rudy is still just a dog. My point is this: We as Christians must always be the frontrunners for redemption. We should not mirror the tabloid journalists whose very job is to find and expose other people’s sins. Unless you have twisted the Scriptures, you must see that God has offered every sinner His eternal redemption. That is our message, that is our calling, and by God’s grace that is wherein we stand personally.

It is sad to see that redemption has become passé in this generation, and even sadder that so many Christians have replaced redemption with moral judgment. The gospel of Jesus Christ is for the immoral and not the righteous. Until you have been accused of condoning sin, you have not really preached the gospel of grace in Christ Jesus.

Redemption is the offspring of love, which the Scripture tells us, is God. Let us imitate that God by showing and exhibiting God’s redemptive love which is found in Jesus Christ.

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