Saturday, August 29, 2009


Calvinism is nothing but divine lottery winners being stingy with God’s redemption.

Rick Frueh circa A.D. 2009


Stephen T said...

It would appear to the casual reader that you have a doctrinal dispute with Calvinism. The upshot of your dispute seems to be sumarrized by the phrase "Calvinism is nothing". This doesn't seem to leave much wiggle room. In fact, one might get the sense that the parameters of humility are not very expanded in this particular case. Also, the qualities of Calvinism that seem to fuel your dispute seem to have something to do with "being stingy with God's redemption". I'm no theologian, but doesn't "being stingy with God's redemption" have something to to do with how grace is displayed?

But wait a minute, I just read this great quote in your very next post that reads something like:

"Doctrinal disputes are never over how we should love, or how grace is displayed, and most especially they are never over expanding the parameters of humility."

Sorry. Feeling a little ornery tonight. I saw those two quotes side by side and just couldn't help myself.

Rick Frueh said...

You are correct, Calvinism brings out the worst in me. The inference that God's grace through Christ is "limited" always rubs me the wrong way. I consider that theology in serious error.

I do know many good believers who embrace Calvinism, though, and my sentence was directed at the theology. :cool: