Friday, December 05, 2014

Fake Christianity

What would you say if you walked into a baseball park and you saw twelve men on the field? As you watched you saw they were playing with three baseballs at one time and the batter was allowed to steal first base. Everyone was only allowed one strike and if he fouled off a ball he was automatically out. Each inning had only one out unless it was the home team which was allowed five outs. There was only two innings. But when you take out the official baseball rule book the players adamantly profess that they believe it. You are bewildered.

I believe we would say they were not playing baseball even though they say they believe the established rules. They were playing some other game which although was played upon a similar field had no resemblance to the Abner Doubleday creation.

And so we are faced with this new and modern version of Christianity which has left the teachings of Jesus and now operates with a whole new set of teachings.

The following video was taken at an April 2014 meeting of the National Rifle Association.



Sarah Palin is a professing believer and an evangelical church member. And yet she can stand and be smug and humorous about torturing terrorists and using baptism as a joke as well. What kind of Martian world are we now living in? So when you can receive applause because you champion violence and torture and you smirk as you do it, how in God’s name can that be Christian? It isn’t. Palin and millions like her are observing a completely different religion even though they use some of the same terminology and claim they believe the same book.

But Palin is a public example of what millions and millions of evangelical church members believe and practice. And if we were privy to all the private and kitchen table discussions I believe we would be shocked at how unchristian they can be. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. What is being touted as Christianity across America is not the faith at all. Jesus is being used and abused and shoehorned into all sorts of verbiage and beliefs and practices that are no more of Christ than a Buddhist Temple.

This cannot be fixed. It has strayed too far and its roots are so deeply entwined around the culture, the economy, and the country that there is no remedy. Can you fix Islam? Hinduism? We, as individual believers, must repent and move away from this shell of religion and set our faces to learn Jesus once again and follow Him. But beware. Some of the things that are still in our hearts that we do not even suspect will be identified by God’s Spirit. The right wing rules we thought were what God wanted will be challenged and friends and family might accuse you of turning into a liberal. But resist being an earthly or political label. We are followers of the Lord Jesus. Let the world attach to us the monikers they feel makes them comfortable.

But I will let you in on a secret. When, by Gods grace and not your own intellect, the Spirit of God sets you free to pursue Christ without the constraints and errors of the modern church, you will be shocked at what you used to believe. It will become so clear to you that you will own yourself a fool in previous days. And yet there will be much more ground to cover. In fact, it will seem as though you are taking a journey in a land you never knew. And you are.

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