Monday, November 17, 2014

Christian Television - An Epic Spiritual Blight


There have been many dark days which are categorized as a part of church history. After the early church most of the visible church coalesced into a rigid systems of works and fraud called the Roman Catholic Church. There have been a season when liberal theologians came upon the scene and presented all kinds of falsehoods. And even today there are the prosperity hucksters who make merchandise of people.

But there is another season of darkness which crept silently over the evangelical landscape. It is called “Christian television” and the phrase has turned out to be only half accurate. Like a poison carrying bee, this brand of media has floated into millions of households and deposited its spiritual arsenic. It would be impossible to identify the depth of its impact or the profound negative impact it has had upon the visible church in the west. But to say it has been devastating would be an understatement.

The construct as well the obvious manifestations of that construct are undeniable, but the deception is so strong and so entertaining that millions willingly subject their hearts and minds to some of the most bizarre teachings one could ever imagine. When you control information you have power. And television makes heroes out of hucksters and makes wise teachers out of fools. Nothing is beyond the pale. There is no teaching so weird or so out of the mainstream, and there is no theatrics and embarrassing elongated appeal too much for Christian television. And when the season for station fundraising comes there are no promises too extravagant used to leverage the viewers.

But the entire thing revolves around and actually bow before the world of money and material things. It is a spectacle of immense sacrilege practiced openly for all to see, and yet people sit mesmerized by their favorite thespian who looks directly in the camera and spews lies upon which he attaches Gods dear name. This, my friends, has been for many decades a blight upon the cause of Christ. How many souls who might have considered Christ Jesus have associated Jesus with these masters of illusion? What might these snakes face when they stand before Him who is holy beyond our wildest dreams? We are living in an age where millions are dancing around this golden calf.

Even the so called orthodox ones like Stanley and Rogers and the others have been made partakers of their evil deeds because the allure and the wellspring of money via television is far too enticing. The entire phenomenon is a false cult and many have followed their pernicious ways. And dare any of the more orthodox preachers speak a word against these heretics they would surely lose their precious spot immediately so they play the game. And by their mere presence on these heretical canvasses they lend them credibility and therefore provide more stumbling blocks to the blind. But they feel satisfied with a more orthodox compromise.

And there is enough money to line everyone’s pockets from each individual preacher as well as the station owners. These stations sell time to Roman Catholic shows and exercise programs and nutritionist experts while the gospel cannot be found except in some worn out phrases necessary to keep the gullible happy. These television networks are expansive panoramic stages when monstrous and damnable lies can be sent around the world, but the western church is so dead and filled with dead men’s bones that it cannot see nor hear.

But again, it all revolves around money. And so does that phenomenon spill over to each local branch. It is where the financial report is king. It’s where people sit in pews and worry about money and making money or losing money. And Christian television leveraged that spiritual weakness and built kingdoms upon it. In fact Christian television made God the money changer who was willing to move in their lives if the money was right. Oh I know they bandy the word “faith” about but that is also nonsense to the Christ seeking disciple and it is blasphemy to God.

Can you possibly wrap you mind around that says the proof of your faith is not a humble life of prayer and dedicated witness, but it is a monetary gift? The concept is foreign to everything Jesus lived and taught as to be absurd and too antithetical to New Testament truth that one can now understand the colossal wickedness which lives inside human hearts. In fact, if you dissect it you will find that men are offering a faith called Christian without Christ. Now if someone stood up and claimed George Washington was not a founding father most of the evangelical church would loudly recoil and castigate such a falsehood.

And yet they will embrace men who preach another Jesus. Christian television has been an epic spiritual blight.

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