Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Jesus is Life


Happiness on this earth is hollow, temporary, and in many ways as fleeting as a mouth full of cotton candy. It can sometimes treat the senses and the emotions to a short lived banquet, but in the end all of us are called to a trail of tears. But in Christ there is more than earthly happiness. There is joy unspeakable and full of glory. It is the kind of emotional reality that draws its strength from faith and the immutability of the Triune God. It is a river which runs deeper than this world can ever know. It is a life which breathes in another world and whose heart beats with the invisible blood of His Spirit.

The life which believes in and seeks to follow Jesus is a miracle of grace about which words truly fail. It is filled with joy and hope and grace and a partial grasp of eternity which carries with it a guarantee of a future fullness realized. Struggles and tribulations will surely come, but in Christ we can drink from an unquenchable well of living water that sustains the soul, refreshes the heart, and provides life in a world of death.

This is Jesus, my friends. Unleashed from some doctrinal prison and allowed to be the tangible Lord of All, He alone has within His loins that which even the fallen heart secretly seeks albeit in a multitude of dried up pools and scorched landscapes. You see, Jesus IS life. He not gives life to all who believe, but Jesus IS life. When you find Christ you have found life. There is no other fountain other than Christ. And once you have found Jesus you know for a surety that you never knew true life before.

Yes, we must forever proclaim Him as Lord and Savior and the Giver of Eternal Life. To those outside it seems like foolishness and religious superstition and fanaticism. But to the most despicable sinner who has experienced the cleansing power of His gracious blood it is the eternal nourishment which gives and sustains his very life. All searches cease when you find Jesus…all searches but one. When you have been made whole and stand forgiven by His grace the search begins to know more and more of the One who opened your coffin and breathed the breath of eternal life into your soul.

Halleluiah! What a Savior!!!!!

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