Sunday, August 31, 2014

We the People and the Pursuit of Happiness

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Chapter One

This is a very important subject and one in which I pray everyone will give due diligence in reading and understanding. The subtleties of deception and the evil from which it emanates are extremely sophisticated and camouflaged. If you shoot a gun at a target and your aim is one degree off it will not be long before the bullet is many feet off. And so it is with deception and compromise. What begins as a small fox eventually destroys the vine itself.

The two phrases in my title come from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They represent a spirit which is not of Christ. In fact those same documents refer to a unnamed Creator and a nebulous force of nature but the name of Jesus is completely missing. That, my friends, was no accident. But the overall message was crystal clear. This was of the people, by the people, and for the people just as the humanistic Greeks had constructed it. And since it was people driven, it would be of no surprise that these same people desired to be free to pursue happiness. Yes, in the words of Victoria Osteen, “God wants you happy!”

Earthy freedom and democracy sound so right and logical. But in essence all forms of earthly governments are products of fallen man who cannot help but be permeated with human desires, lusts, and ambitions. Any impartial and rational person can see the greed-filled monstrosity that American democracy has created. And yet people will excuse it by saying it is still better than anywhere else. That is some tortured logic. And to believers how can that possibly be God’s will? But with every election fueled by lies and obscene amounts of money the electorate vote for the candidate they believe will help their chances at happiness which is overwhelmingly connected to their own finances.

And when you take a step back and examine the entire spectacle and see how sinful and fallen it all is you must wonder how the church ever got involved. Many of us now have repented of our own blind involvement. The evil one deceived us into championing moral issues and in so doing we thought we were representing God. But moral causes were never a New Testament crusade, and like Newton’s Law of Thermodynamics eventually those causes give way to all things economic. It is a very slippery slope.
The most effective and powerful deceptions are those which seem right. Who can be against earthly freedom? Who can be against being happy? But those questions as they are structured are deceptive in and of themselves. It is not that we are against those things. But we are pointing out that when they are embraced as coming from within the Kingdom of God then we have strayed from the faith. My battle has never been to convince lost people of the evil of politics or patriotism. I have attempted to correct a great deception and compromise which is embraced within the church, and my perspective is not limited to the one I now hold. I have been under that deception and I know all too well the strength that it has.
But let us return to the open and subliminal message of “We the people” and the “pursuit of happiness”. Can there be any greater expose of humanism? And even though the documents throw a bone to God in the form of some uncertain and unspecific references, they are humanistic documents which the evil one has used to confuse, distract, and profoundly deceive the church. This is not some argument over women deacons or Bible translations or most other church disputes. This issue has permeated the hearts and minds of professing believers and the church as an institution until the Christian faith as believed and practiced in America is basically an American community overlaid with some Bible words.

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