Friday, May 09, 2014

Radical Worship


"I was invited to a gathering one time, where their brochure announced there would be a worship leader demonstrating radical worship... the term "radical worship" did cause me to think of a couple of instances in the Bible which I would describe as being radical worship. Job, a righteous man, afflicted by Satan with God´s permission so that he lost almost everything, and was afflicted with a very severe skin disease and sat in a pile of ashes, worshipping God. I would call that very radical."
-George H. Warnock


Steve said...

"Radical Worship." What a mind-altering concept !

I think of classic Quaker worship as radical. Everyone sits quietly listening for God's voice...and unless He gives one a public word to speak, all wait in silence, and depart in silence. What reverence, and raw dependence on God Alone !

In Jesus, Steve

Anonymous said...

Well said, Steve.

Reverence for the LORD is vital if we are to truly hallow His name. I think it is very important to understand how very unique Our LORD is and to desire to learn more about Him as He has revealed Himself historically.

The LORD commands us both to be still and to rejoice.

His word says: Rejoice in the Lord always and this I say rejoice and it also says: Be still and know that I am God!

Dear readers, let's do both and not forget the wisdom of Psalm 100:4. Let's thank and praise the LORD more often remembering above all else the loyalty and love of God's Beloved sinless Son, Lord Jesus Christ, for us.

Let's endeavor to praise Him daily for His perfect, atoning sacrifice. What an awesome honor it is to bow down appreciatively to the holy LORD who gives us the glorious gift of life and the holy Bible, so that we have the fantastic opportunity to truly worship Him in spirit and truth!

Josef Sefton

Anonymous said...

If you haven't read the book of Job. Invest some time!

Melissa said...

I love this quote. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Melissa. What quote do you love?