Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Bridge

Two men looked at the great chasm before them. There was only one bridge to get across the gulf. It was a very long way down. The first man believed the bridge was very solid and he walked briskly and confidently on the bridge. The other man stepped gingerly upon the bridge and he walked slowly and with only a small amount of confidence. Now which man actually crossed the bridge?

Both of them. The strength was in the bridge and not the men. Our strength is in Jesus and not ourselves.


Annette said...

Amen! Amen! And another hearty Amen to this Pastor Rick. This is another gentle reminder that through life's wonderful successes and at times, seemingly unbearable tribulations, victory lies only in Jesus and only through Him can we ever be made whole.

May our LORD Jesus Christ be with you, Pastor, and all those who follow this blog. There is a great witness and testimony of God's amazing grace and mercy through these entries that I read, pouring out fron the hearts of saints. Oh, the power of God's love working through His people.

May the Name of Jesus be praised above all names this day.

Reine Gnade said...

When I was unsaved I thought, for the most part, that my strength came from my own efforts. I still can't totally grasp how the Lord God could determine graciously at that time, many years ago, to save me to a new life in Him.
I'm incredibly grateful for His "unexpected" decision and each new, fresh day I'm very determined to live purely as His ambassador.