Thursday, June 14, 2012

Great Deceptions in the Church

Great Deceptions in the Church

Unreached sinners can still go to heaven

God approves of the gay lifestyle

Gays cannot be saved without being completely changed

Borrowing from the world is acceptable

War is part of God’s New Testament way

Democracy is God’s approved governmental system

Capitalism is the divine economic system

Jesus can be found in other religions

Human works are part of salvation

Gad hates sinners

God only endorses certain music forms

God wants churches to build ornate buildings

We should concentrate on temporal things

Certain techniques can lead us to experience God

The focus on sex is Biblical

The church owes allegiance to a country

Find out what people want to hear and preach that

The Bible is more about us than about Jesus

The return of Jesus is nothing to be concerned about

Hell is just a metaphor

More people means a church is more spiritual

I think there are many more than just these.


David Cho said...

The church owes allegiance to a country

This may be true, but America is EXCEPTIONAL and is worthy of the church's allegiance.

Good to see you're still blogging!

Rick Frueh said...

Exceptional? Exceptional in the world's largest slave owning country, the world's leading pornography business, the world's largest abortion provider,and the hedonist capital of the world.

Exceptional indeed.

Lisa Brabant said...

Yes, I wonder how many bombs say "Made in the USA"?

We are not to love the world and the things of this world. If we are truly of the kingdom of God we cannot be also of an earthly kingdom. ALL other kingdoms are earthly - including the USA.

Nothing personal, David, I hope you can see this truth. It took me awhile to see it but I finally did.


Lisa Brabant said...

Yes, how many bombs say "Made in the USA"?
It's best for us to open our eyes and see our kingdom is not of this world if we are truly of the kingdom of God. That includes ALL worldly kingdoms. All other kingdoms ARE of this world.
Sorry, David, nothing against you personally. I, too, was once blind to this. I just hope you can see the truth of it...

Anonymous said...

What do you mean about the focus on sex?

I also have begun to see that War is NOT a part of NT Christianity!

Rick Frueh said...

By focus on sex, I mean the churches obsession with telling everyone how to have sex, how often, and everything else petaining to the subject. Here is the entire Biblical treatise on the subject.

The marriage bed is undefiled.

seventeen said...

rich, how about what Our Master said about eternal life? eternal life is to KNOW You, Father. John 17:1 - not questioning you, rich - lots of things out there that make us think we qualify for heaven - the TRUTH is the only thing that works. like lisa, i use to think USA was next to our Creator - it was actually an idol in my life. anything that we depend on other than HIM.

Anonymous said...

what is 'borrowing from the world'? Is foodstamps included?

Rick Frueh said...

Borrowing from the world means personal and ecclesiastical debt.