Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Evil is Relentless

It never rests. It never takes a break or a sabbatical. It never sleeps. It never is exhausted. Evil fills the earth and continues to widen its territory. It reigns in the hearts of billions, but it still desires more and more. It is all around us, and if we succumb, it will arise in our own hearts. It comes with many disguises including religion. It comes as portraying itself as Christianity, and it even comes portraying itself as Christ Himself. Evil knows no boundaries and is never embarrassed.
It loves to play dress up as patriotism, and its favorite - war. Violence is a delicacy and the blood and guts feeds its perverted sense of self. It is often fueled by human pride. Evil has no problem expanding its territory through human ingenuity, greed, and avarice. The love of money is seemingly in its lineage. And although it is poisonous to the human soul, human beings embrace evil as if it were their life’s blood. Quite fascinating indeed.
When defeated on one battle ground it never sulks, but it has another plan already in progress. It is sophisticated and with millions of diabolical tentacles that extend to the ends of the earth. It is most eager to enter a hospitable heart and life. And once it finds refuge it resists eviction with cunning and powerful suggestions. Deception is its currency. It is most beyond the comprehension of the human mind.
Born into it, it doesn’t take too long before we exhibit it and later embrace it. While we live in a fallen state we are its ambassadors in the form of pawns. We think we know who we are but in reality evil is using and abusing us at its will. Although evil is orchestrated by an entity named Satan, it still is a major league force throughout the world. Its ramifications are massive and eternal.
Lately I have been accused of creating fear. I would feel badly if there wasn’t something about which to fear! We have lived so long under the canopy of cotton candy Christianity that when anyone brings forth the foreboding teachings that are inherent with the New Testament Scriptures it becomes very uncomfortable. And especially in a hedonistic culture that feeds upon self esteem and positive everything there is always an underlying desire for everything to fit into the human scheme called the pursuit of happiness and pleasure. The western populace has little time for that which disturbs the party.
And if it makes you uncomfortable then ignore it all. Let these words just roll off your back and go back to watching television. Read your Daily Bread for five minutes today and tell your conscience you have fulfilled your religious oblation and let us all worry about approaching comets and asteroids rather than the return of the King spewing divine fire. Yes, over the top rhetoric that just might meet you again on the other side.
I set no date, but be assured there is a date certain.
Eph.5:15-17 - See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,
16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.
ut for those of us who have entered the Ark by faith, we are safe. We can hear the thunder and the rain pounding outside. We have not been given the spirit of fear, but with each bolt of prophetic lightning it only reminds us that He is coming quickly. And that is our hope and for what we all eagerly await. The Son will come in glory and with the company of angelic beings.
But until that day the evil multiplies with great velocity. Men are inventors of evil things and like those who once danced around a golden calf the world dances around the golden calf of self pleasure. The newest form of entertainment is celebrated like it’s a cure for cancer. How many are satisfied with the same mobile phone for ten years? What home has only one television? Who owns a car for ten years? The things of this world are no longer trappings, they have become honored companions.
It is impossible to venture three blocks from your own home without being assaulted by lustful pictures of some kind. Television is a continuing source of fallen refuse. Evil stalks the entire human race. In North Korea it comes as starvation, while in America food is a god. In Iran it comes as totalitarianism, while in America it comes as freedom used to feed our voracious appetite for pleasure and material possessions. Evil camouflages itself as a Satanic cult while it lives and breathes in the very ecclesiastical structure that claims it comes from God.
Evil flourishes just as well in the hospital nursery as it does in the cemetery. From the President to the street sweeper, evil is no respecter of persons. From Dahmer to the judge who sentences him, evil operates with cunning and precision. Evil allows itself to be identified through the serial murderer, but it works tirelessly to conceal its greatest project, the damning of the entire human race. In fact, evil will do good deeds as long as the deeds change the nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
And therein lies the only hope for those who wish to escape the eternal consequences of evil. The shed blood of Jesus Christ is that hope and evil attempts to make that sacrifice seem like religious folklore and a mere example of human cruelty. Evil is well aware that when faith touches that bloody sacrifice it looses all claims to that sinner’s soul. And evil will do almost anything to retain ownership on any given soul.
So go ahead and call me a fear monger. But there is coming a day when my words will seem tepid and most understated. And on that day many will wish they had heeded passing voices like mine. This is no trifle; this is no game. In fact, to say this is serious is to dilute it substantially. This is so much more than mere serious. This is life and death on a greater basis than can be fully realized in the constrictions of this three dimensional existence.
This is eternal death. A sinner dies and after his death he is fitted with a spiritual body. He is then put to death again, however he cannot die. He is continually in the very throws of death with all the agonies that entails, and yet he still cannot die. A thousand years pass and still he dies; a million years and again he is dying; and in this inconceivable state he himself has a consciousness that continually informs him that this will never end. He is imprisoned in the torture of a death state without any hope of even a subtle abatement, to say nothing of complete escape.
These words are too melodramatic and sensational, you suggest, as your being recoils at such a thing. This cannot be and God will never be a accomplice to such a ghastly picture. Perhaps you are correct. Perhaps my words do not really describe what awaits a sinner who dies as an enemy of the Holy One. Yes, perhaps you are absolutely correct.
Perhaps any human words are immeasurably inadequate to fully reveal the monstrous consequences of God’s justice for unredeemed sin. Perhaps. But while you take a fleeting and ambivalent moment to consider it, just remember evil relentlessly pursues this entire planet. And things in your rear view mirror are larger than they appear. Much larger...

But the end of all things is at hand:

be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.


Anonymous said...

It is written, The name of God is blasphemed
Because of you.Romans3:8Theres no fear
Of God before their eyes. We are an
Embarrassment ( western church ) To the
Tribulation saints who conquered the dragon
By the blood of the Lamb, testimony from
There lips and didn't love their LIVES even
Unto Death. Rev22:13Blessed are those who wash
There robes that they "MAY" have the right to enter the gate into the CITY, GOD have mercy

Cherie said...

Yes, we do recoil at the thought, but it is reality non the less. I Thank God that He has put back that Godly fear in me. I know this and it is not only from His Word, but from what He has allowed me to go through, there are two kinds of fear. Godly and evil. Godly fear puts us at the cross, on our knees, evil fear puts us in hell.

May God use His fear, the righteous fear in our hearts everyday to stay the straight and narrow. Fear isn't all bad, and I have embraced the Godly fear, because it brings me to my knees and helps me to Love Him all the more. I pray Godly fear for my own family and for all those who Love and follow the Lord. Fear is Wisdom, Glory to God! Embrace His fear and not the evil fear.

I used to resist Godly fear, but evil fear is much worse. Not only does it paralyze you, but it creates suffering that only is a taste of the suffering that will be experienced with eternal separation from God. Evil fear focuses on this world. Vaccines, the water supply, the food sources, bad weather, war. All evil fear.

Let us this day turn our hearts to Jesus with fear and trembling. Godly fear can save your life and your soul. I fear the one who can kill my body and my soul, not the fear that is only to torture me and keep me paralyzed.

To God be the Glory for His fear. Now some would say I am sick. God is love. So be it. Godly fear will keep me from eternal fear and death. Just saying.