Friday, March 25, 2011

Banal Christianity
There used to be power; there used to be mystery; there used to be sacredness; there used to be eternity; there used to be the afterlife; there used to be a second coming; there used to be glorious revelation; there used to be passion; there used to be uncommon sacrifice; there used to be all these things associated with the post resurrection church. But year by year and decade by decade the church has allowed the world and its system to eviscerate those things from the faith until what we have now is nothing more than a mundane religion of the “now” that is no different than the mosque or synagogue down the street.

In fact, there is more difference between denominations then there is between believers and unbelievers. People like Bill Gates and secular organizations dwarf what evangelical churches give in humanitarian efforts. But let us examine what churches give toward gospel missions. The largest evangelical organization in the world is the Southern Baptist Convention. They provide a good measuring stick.

Churches cooperating through the Southern Baptist Convention spend, on average, $1.31 per member annually to reach every person living in the U.S. and Canada while they spend $0.04 per person to reach the nations.

You do the math.
I am sure we spend much more than that on our dogs.

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