Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our Restingplace

Jer.50:6 - My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their resting place.

I have found a resting place.

The days flee and time continues to count down to an impending judgment. The whole world has ignored the Creator’s Word of warning and men everywhere believe that everything will be solved by the wisdom of man. Diplomacy is the catch phrase among the intellectuals and the words of liars are received as truth. Politicians make grandiose promises to the gullible masses and the attributes of men are heralded throughout the land. The moral melee has resulted in a removal of any parameters and all men do that which is right in their own eyes. Presidents, prime ministers, kings, and other rulers are looked to for answers and they are all leaking cisterns that can hold no water and their tongues are as a snake that stings and the people like lemmings continue on the path to destruction.

But I have found a resting place.

The church has sold her chastity for the gigolos of today’s man centered genre that gives lip service to the Lord but whose hearts are far from Him and centered on themselves. Millions of dollars that belong to God are splurged upon the western hedonistic appetites and man’s prosperity is taught as God’s assignment to us. Preachers have escaped the shackles of God’s Word and they now are free to minister the deceits of their own evil imaginations while still claiming they speak for God. God’s people reject correction and have spit out the bit of God’s Word in favor of their own pleasure filled diving rod. Many evangelicals have been deceived into believing that God works in democracy when in Biblical revelation Jesus is Lord and He shares His authority with no one and will never submit His will to a vote.

But I have found a resting place.

They have taken the sacred and mixed it with the profane. The presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a professing Mormon which is the spirit of anti-christ and yet he is invited to speak at Pat Robertson’s place which is the result of getting involved with politics, you end up being pulled into the pig pen while thinking you are doing God’s will. And who can fathom the compromising of Rick Warren, joining forces with homosexuals and other unbelievers under the guise of helping mankind. And the emergent church has rapidly left the simplicity of the gospel and now sells a concoction of reason, intellect, and man made compassion that now claims salvation can be found in other religions that deny Christ. Who would have believed it?

But I have found a resting place.

The western world runs with an uninterrupted gallop toward their anointed god, money. Children by the millions are dropped off at daycare centers designed to alleviate the inconvenience of watching children while freeing many of today’s women to pursue more money. More money, bigger houses, bigger cars, more extravagant vacations, and a laundry list of other symptoms reveal the real treasure that people seek while the prayer closet is a museum of past generations. The internet now brings the most horrifying perversion right into the home sometimes despite the attempts of some to block it. The souls of children are being damaged before our very eyes and millions are being groomed to usher in the coming generation of evil inventors.

But I have found a resting place.

The signs of His returning scream out in front of our very eyes and the church remains asleep. Truth lies dead in the streets and those who do speak it do so with very little power and anointing. Conferences are held to commiserate on how far the church has backslidden and how grave is the current ecclesiastical situation but there is still more preaching, more singing, more eating, and more talking than there ever is prayer and fasting. Blogs like this one speak against what is happening and yet where is the power to combat it? Do you have it, or do I? Are we smug because we see what the false prophets are doing or are we heartbroken and do people wonder why we pray so much? The modern church is zealous about the flesh but most who still hold to God’s Word are content to “hold the fort” and recite profusely the sins of others while very little, precious little, is ever said about our own sins which are many.

But I have found a resting place.

I have traveled many roads in my 54 years of walking upon this terrestrial city. I have tried many things that I thought would bring rest for my soul but each one afforded very little comfort and after a while they all were found wanting. I have fretted over money, I had fretted over health, I have fretted over the future, I have fretted over people’s opinions, I have fretted over world events, I have fretted over my children, I have fretted over the church, and I have fretted over many, many other things that caused me great unrest.

But I have found a resting place.

Matt.11:28-29 - Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest for your souls…

So in all of your going, in all of your learning, in all your trouble, and in all of the things both good or bad that seek to occupy your thoughts, do not leave your resting place. It is a special place, a place of refreshing and forever new. It is a place of strength that lifts you up on eagle’s wings. It is a place of prayer and solitude. It is a place of war and yet a place of great peace. It is a place of reassurance and yet a place of brokenness. It is a humble place and equally a place of great royalty. A place of conviction and a place of cleansing.

It is a place called…well, yes, a place simply called Jesus.
He is our resting place…forever.


Mike Ratliff said...

Great post Rick! You are so right. The American Church is a political entity now. I never thought I would see the day when I go to a church an they want to talk politics instead of sharing the good news. It has lost its way and God is drawing His people out her. Yes, time is short and our resting place is Christ.

In Christ

Mike Ratliff

Rebekah said...

Thank you for this encouraging word! It is so tempting sometimes to allow all those things you mentioned to distract us from our main thing - to worship and abide in Christ Jesus. He is sovereign, and Lord over all. Thank you for this reminder.

luvvom said...

At times, I can get so upset with all the bad things that go on in this country and even with the sin in my own life and at times become anxious. He is our resting place and the access to that resting place is indeed His Word and prayer! I'm glad that He comes and finds me when I'm not resting in Him! Thanks, Rick!

Baptist Girl said...

Amen Rick,

What encouraging words they are "I have found my resting place". Through turmoil, through pain, through losses, through death we always have our resting place, forever. Thank you again for a wonderful post Rick. I always come away from your blog with such a feeling of encouragement and I am always blessed by your words. And I know you always give God the glory.