Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Do You hear?


Rev.2:7 - He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches...WHAT DO YOU HEAR???????????

I hear the panicked sound of demons as they scurry to steal, kill, and destroy before they are bound. I hear the whole world preoccupied with this world as they neglect the world to come. I hear the cackles of Lucifer's legions as they mock God's people and their anemic commitment to the Savior Himself. I hear the satisfied groans of Satan as his massive deceptive shift from the unseen to the seen has produced results far beyond his expectations. I hear the clinking of coins as believers lay treasures upon treasures on this earth. I hear the echoes of the empty prayer closets and the silence of the unturned pages of God's Word. I hear the constant sound of the last sands of the hourglass hitting the bottom but void of the bold prophets of God unashamedly calling us to prepared repentance.

WHAT DO YOU HEAR????????????
I hear the vows of men to men and women to women pledging their marital commitment to each other while I hear God's spouses breaking theirs. I hear the silent screams of unborn babies being murdered alive in their own mother's wombs while the sound of computer keyboards in the houses of God's people check their portfolios. I hear hell giggle as preachers tell stories and jokes and congregations leave feeling good about their situation without ever knowing what it means to be under the mighty Sword of God's Word. I hear 150,000 souls slip into a tormented eternity ever single day while we sleep on dry, careless pillows.

WHAT DO YOU HEAR???????????

I hear a church whose footsteps seek the things of this present world. I hear slander and gossip and lies and scorn and self righteousness and all sorts of unwholesome words. I hear fairy tales told by hollow men who claim to speak for God and yet live for themselves. I hear automobile engines as they run to Sunday gatherings anxious to have their ears tickled once again. I hear moaning and groaning, not in prayer but in response to economic conditions. I hear the sounds of the powerless expressions of Christ’s church which are fueled by the flesh and not the Spirit.

WHAT DO YOU HEAR???????????

hear a faint but growing, guttural, powerful roar in the distance as if coming from a magnificent, celestial Lion. It's permeating the atmosphere, connecting with the spiritual ears of His pride, and sounding out a warning of impending doom to all His enemies. He has already marked His territory and the sound of His gigantic paws grows closer and closer. He started with a determined walk two thousand years ago, began to gain speed through the centuries, and He now runs with His fiery eyes fixed and with justice dripping from His tremendous jaws from which He will roar out His irresistible and powerful Word to the four corners of the Earth. I hear His enemies turn their heads in fear as they recognize the gathering storm in the distance is rapidly coming to fulfill the destruction which this Lion has promised to all who oppose Him. All will tremble, all will wonder, all will bow before Him on that great and terrible day.

WHAT DO YOU HEAR???????????

I hear the growing echo of "Behold He Comes" surrounding this Mighty Lion of Judah as He snorts great clouds of wrath from His nostrils!! His subjects prepare to welcome Him with waves of regal worship as this Lion King promenades through His victory. I hear the voice of Judah's Lion beckon for His rightful bride with a wave of His nail-pierced paw, and I hear Him lovingly purr "Come up with Me". I hear a blood bought lioness brought before her Worthy Bridegroom and prostrate herself in love and worship, and I hear this August Lion say "Well done thou good and faithful servant" to His bride.

WHAT DO YOU HEAR???????????

I hear this Lion breathing, panting, speaking, and coming, shaking out God's glory from His massive mane and with all the armies of heaven His entourage. I hear the clarion call of this Holy Lion's Spirit commanding His pride, "Awake from your sleep and arise! The battle is joined, run to it in My power. Put aside your worthless toys and glorify My Name. Away from your shaded places of rest and pleasure and spoil the enemy's camp. Speak what I speak, walk as I walk, shout my name in the heavenlies, stay under the banner of my blood, and be filled with My Spirit. Count it an honor to give your very life for Me and be assured My reward is with Me! I will avenge my enemies, and all who follow Me will share!!"



Always Learning said...

Very, very good.

Cherie c. said...


Cherie c. said...

Just had to post this if Pastor Rick is willing.

"I hear the panicked sound of demons as they scurry to steal, kill, and destroy before they are bound"
See below where this is happening. Certainly not here in America. They don't have too, the die is already set...with the help of the visible church. Please read below what a true follower of Jesus faces everyday...if you can handle it. God have mercy on me for any complaints I may have. Shame on me.

WHICH ONE IS BAD? [Excerpts]

"Hussein**" has seen God work miracle after miracle as an evangelist and house church leader in Iran. Miracles like Iranian secret police raiding a house church meeting that had just received a shipment of 500 Bibles in three large boxes, which were still sitting on the floor. Police pulled pictures off of the walls and searched the apartment so thoroughly they literally picked up a needle that had fallen into a crack between the floorboards. But they missed the 500 Bibles!

Or the miracle of being sent to death row and being made a part of the leadership core of the gang that ran everything in that section of the prison. Some prisoners who'd been there five years were still sleeping on the floor, but Hussein slept on a top bunk from his first night there.

Or the miracle of having the radical Islamic judge fill out Hussein's court documents for him, then tell him exactly where to go to file them and who to talk to. The judge even gave Hussein his personal cell phone number and told him to call if there were any difficulties with the case.

So when a Voice of the Martyrs worker asked Hussein if he worried about more encounters with the police because of his Christian work, Hussein was confident: "I think one of two things will happen. [The police] will either kill me or there will be more miraculous events like these."

Then he smiled and asked, "Which one of those is bad?"

Hussein isn't the first Jesus-follower to have that attitude. Paul wrote to the Philippian church that, "...Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Is it bad if I continue to live and serve the Lord and see Him work miracles in my life and ministry? No. Is it bad if I die-even at the hands of the police or radical Muslims-and go to heaven? No. True followers of Christ cannot lose. To live is Christ, and to die is gain. Which one of those is bad?

**Name changed for security reasons.

American church leaders do not compare to this man. May God continue the good work He is doing in this brother.

What do I hear? I hear hypocrisy, apostasy and lies from the pit of hell in pulpits all over this country. I hear the passionless, poor excuse of believers for staying in an apostate church. I hear the cries for truth of those who have left the visible church. I hear my own voice begging God to have mercy on my family. I hear the Word of God.

your sister in Christ Jesus
Cherie c.

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Anonymous said...

This is so powerful. Thanks, Bro. Rick.

Thanks too Cherie for that story. It really shows we can't forget our brethren overseas and around the world who are the real persecuted and it's important to pray for them every day, that deliverances like this happen. Too, it shakes me to never complain about my situations, and I can never be truly 'arrived' or happy, or joyful or fulfilled, knowing that christian brothers and sisters around the world are, at this moment, being harmed for their faith.

Seeking happiness and feeling entitled to being served by unbelievers in the USA and declaring there's a war on Christmas, etc. by those who profess christianity, does the image of the church so much damage. I think the fooled self-professed christians who use the Name of Jesus to market and exploit are doing a great damage by luring unsuspecting believers into a feeling of superiority. The true Church that belongs to the Bridegroom shouldn't be concerned about being given special treatment because a store clerk doesn't wish us a "Merry Christmas".